A focus on the Balkans and Western Europe

A focus on the Balkans and Western Europe, where the pandemic could be exploited for new geopolitical upheavals and the rise of new alliances, because the EU continues to weaken, with the exception of Germany, China and Russia have not been slow to send aid, even if only for advertising in Italy and Serbia, showing some international support following the EU's failure to provide assistance to Italy.

This was a new and easier Russian-Chinese penetration in the Balkans and the EU, although the EU and the US, in a difficult situation within themselves, have been forced in recent days to support these countries with financial means, including the Western Balkans.

So as can be seen, the reaction of liberal democracies was delayed compared to semi-authoritarian states, for EU countries and the West in general, who, isolated from pandemics, are failing to quickly show solidarity with other states that share values, common.

However, in a pandemic disorder, food security or insecurity in both fragile and developed countries increases, and political-socio-economic shocks become easier, and this is being seen in the Balkans, as in the case of Albania. , Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, and beyond, in the US civil war.

In a pandemic vacuum, forces seeking to overthrow the liberal international order are focused on undermining democratic values by replacing them with new ones as presented by the same states through disinformation, the case of Russia and China.

The KOVID-19 can already be described as a new bacteriological lute, or the third world war, a new weapon to overthrow everything that has been done since the end of World War II. Isolation, social distancing, and the age-old fear of the new disease will be the challenge for governments around the world to prevent it from spreading, you slipped out of hand.

In this new battle and invisible enemy, it remains for the deadly disease to be fought by the developed countries and isolated by not causing new consequences in international relations. Moreover, when the world comes out of isolation, everything will not be the same.

First, in the Balkan countries, we do not have a clear vision for EU integration, but perhaps we could not demonstrate it through deep reforms, due to the great hunger for corruption and personal enrichment, leaving our countries quite weak and developed. This even violated the values of liberal democracy by producing autocracy among political elites. Meanwhile, the lack of economic prospects is fueling the flight of youth from our countries.

Secondly, we are facing two Europeans, in some geopolitical issues for the Balkans in this pandemic, COVID 19. I am sure they were not aware of what this meant for peace and geopolitics in the Balkans and Europe, so they tried, to touch a limit not knowing that it would spread everywhere in the region and the Russian geopolitical influence would increase through "Greater Serbia", the modesty of the Prime Minister of Albania. This issue failed due to the complete opposition from Kosovo and the Albanian nation and the firm stance against Germany and Chancellor Merkel, and support from other Western allies, including the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Germany and other leading European powers were the consistent voice of Europe continuing to keep its promises for the integration of all Western Balkan countries into the European Union.

Third, the transatlantic bloc is facing new challenges, the lack of consensus on some vital issues has created space for negative games to be played in the Balkans by Russia, as well as China, but where is Turkey? It is clear that the danger of destabilizing the Balkans comes from Russia. It is already clear in the official positions of the United States and European countries, and of the United Kingdom. No wonder we are in this situation !! The reference numbers in this pandemic, let me understand ?? "CHINA has lost its calculating machine", it never told the truth about pandemics!

A clear geopolitical plan for Western partners, the United States, the European Union and NATO, is needed to cut off geopolitical games in the Balkans. Some of the key elements of this plan would be: increasing the US military presence in Kosovo, which is necessary to counter the growing Russian military presence in Serbia, continuing democratic reforms, building peace and reconciliation in the region, and integrating six Western Balkan countries in the EU.

Kristina Osmani, lawyer

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